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Point of Sale solutions in Los Angeles and Orange County

Dine-In or Quick Service, your business needs Reliability and Efficiency to maximize productivity. Customers are one of the most essential part of your business, helping them effectively can be a challenge without the right POS system solution.


POS System for Restaurant Dine-in and Quick Service

Whether you run a Table Service, a Quick Service or a Pizza restaurant in the area of Los Angeles or Orange county, Calbiz has a variety of POS solutions to help you be more efficient helping your customers.

A variety of point of sale systems that fit your business needs as well as your budget. Ranging from a conventional cash register to a full computerized touch screen POS system with many great functionalities. Functionalities to simplify your restaurant operations and increase productivity. To help you achieve your business goal!

Retail POS system for Liquor Store and Small Market

Help your customers faster with a POS system which will connect to a scale, scanner and other peripherals and at the same time give you the reports you need to run your retail environment business better.

In a retail environment businesses, whether a liquor store, a specialty store or a small convenience store, a POS system with great functionalities is crucial. A system that will simplify your store operations and help you increase productivity. NCC Reflection and Keystroke software will give you the functionalities your retail business needs.

Electronic Cash Register for Restaurant and Retail Environment

Conventional Electronic Cash Registers are still great and affordable point of sale systems solution to manage and run your retail or quick service restaurant business. If you are in the area of Los Angeles or Orange county and need a cash register for your restaurant or retail store, we have a big selection of Sam4s ECRS. Flat-key and raised-key keyboards to fit your business needs. We can program and configure any peripherals as well. Peripherals such as remote printers, scanner, scales, dvrs and others. We free deliver to most cities in Los Angeles cities.

Digital Signage for Restaurants Professional, Affordable and Simple

Do you already sell delicious food, but not many people can find your restaurant? With a market so web and mobile driven, you must have presence online so your current and future customers can find you. A website that represents your business, a logo that tells your story or digital menu that showcases your products and services have become the basics for business.

Calbiz can help you with the basics: We create professional and professional Wordpress websites, set up your social media and design custom digital menus to help you display your products and services.

Thermal Paper Rolls and Ink Ribbons In Los Angeles and Orange County area

Calbiz offers and delivers thermal paper rolls in Los Angeles and Orange county area. We carry a big selection of widths, diameters and colors for all your thermal POS printers, electronic cash registers and credit card terminals. We deliver to your business!

  • Thermal 3 ⅛” x 220’ paper rolls for kitchen or receipt printers
  • Thermal 2 ¼” x 230’ paper rolls for your electronic cash register
  • Thermal 2 ¼” x 50’ paper rolls for credit card terminals

Remote Printers, Scanners And Scales for POS Systems

Remote printers are a great help to any point of sale system. From a small cash register to a computerized POS system, a printer can enhance the functionalities. It can facilitate the communication of the server/cashier to the kitchen, bar or other areas in the kitchen.

Printers can be Dot Matrix/ impact or Thermal. There are different options that will fit your business needs and budget. Choose from thermal or impact, USB, Serial or Parallel and even wireless. Different brands and colors are also available for your likes and needs. Add functionalities to your cash register or POS system with a peripheral.

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