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    Full featured POS system for bar or nightclub in Los Angeles

    If you are looking for a Point of Sale solution for your bar that will give you the functionalities to take drink orders faster and improve billing accuracy, NCC Reflection is a full featured point of sale solution for bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

    Calbiz has the point of sale solution that fits your bar business needs. A POS system that allows great communication amongst all your staff to help you accomplish more in the same amount of time. NCC Reflection is the point of sale system and business management solution your bar needs to simplify operations, increase productivity and minimize kitchen errors.

    If you are looking for a POS company that will help you accomplish your business goals, We, Calbiz, guarantee that we will take care of all your POS needs: Programming, Installation, Training and Technical Support.

    Features to Improve Operations

    “Calbiz definitely knows what they are doing and I recommend Calbiz and their staff to everyone out there in need of business supplies!!!”

    Ariana G.


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