Retail POS Solution for Liquors Stores and Small Markets


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    Retail POS system for Liquor Store and Small Market

    Help your customers faster with a POS system which will connect to a scale, scanner and other peripherals and at the same time give you the reports you need to run your retail environment business better.

    NCC’s Reflection is the Most Reliable Retail POS Management System

    NCC Reflection is a powerful and robust software that meets the POS needs of liquor stores, specialty grocery stores and other retail environment business. Get the POS solution that will ease the workload and reduce your stress levels. Get NCC Reflection!

    Enhance your retail POS system with a big selection of peripherals. Scanners, weigh scales and remote printers will add functionalities to help your customers more efficiently. Reflection POS is built on solid-state technology, it has one of the most reliable operating system around.

    Keystroke Software for Retail is a Powerful, Efficient and Secured POS Solution

    Keystroke POS software is the core of a powerful and practical sales management and inventory control system – perfect for most any retail store, wholesale distributor, service business, or specialty chains.

    If you run a retail environment business and want to be able to better manage sales, inventory and employees, Keystroke software is the POS solutions your business needs. Keystroke offers three different solutions: Express POS, Point of Saley and Advance POS, ideal for different business sizes.

    Sam4s SPS-2000 Touch Screen ECR Provides Reliability, Stability and Speed

    If your retail business operations are not complex, but you still need the speed and reliability at an affordable price, the Sam4s electronic cash register is a great POS solution option that offers the functionalities and features on a 12.1” touch screen for better display.

    Add a variety of peripherals such as: Scanners, Weigh Scales, Remote Printers and others to help you facilitate sales. Also, keep inventory and get the reports you need to better manage your business and/or to help you make better financial decisions.

    Electronic Cash Registers For Small Merchants-Retail Environment

    Conventional cash register are still a great and affordable point of sale solution for small businesses. If you own a small restaurant, a liquor store or other small retail environment business, a flat-key keyboard or a raised-key keyboard are great options for you POS needs.

    Add functionalities to your cash register by adding different peripherals such as scanner, printers, scales and others.Cash registers work in a wide variety of restaurants such as: casual dining, quick service, bar/restaurant, pizza, food trucks and others. Retail: Specialty foods, Deli’s, Liquor stores, Gift shop and more.


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